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I approach painting in a gestural manner, working fast to capture images with quick impressions. My work echoes Bay Area Figuration of the 1950s and 60s, equating the rhythm of my painting with the rhythm of the subjects I paint. I left Cuba with my family at a very young age and still vividly recall the colors, energy and flavor of my native land, all of which are reflected in my art work. I often choose to paint scenes of Old Havana - buildings, landscape, people, cars and architectural gems. These are cherished memories, moments that form my life that most profoundly continue to make an impression.

La Vida Cuba_Nadando en el Malecon_48x58)oil on canvas_anaguzman
La Vida Cuba_Pink Taxi series 3_oil on linen_36x44_Anaguzman
La Vida Cuba_Celia 1_OIl on canvas_39x44_anaguzman
La Vida Cuba_Red convertible_oil on linen_29x32_Anaguzman
La Vida Cuba_ El Capital_32x48_oil on canvas_anaguzman
La Vida Cuba_La Ventana_38X48_oil on canvas_anaguzman
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